Claims Lookup

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How it works...

  1. If you click on Patient Account Number an informational pop-up will appear with the following statement - Note: If you submit claims on paper, it is possible that it can not be looked-up using the patient account number. Manually re-priced claims do not capture the patient control number.

  2. Tax Identifier should be entered as a nine (9) digit number without dashes (if you enter Tax Identifier with dashes the system will automatically remove them). After a complete entry the system will automatically tab to the next field for either the Member ID or Patient Account Number depending upon which method you chose.

    Member ID should be entered .

    Since the Patient Account Number can be a number of varying length you will have to manually tab to the next field: Service Date.

    Service Date should be entered as a two (2) digit month 01-12, a two (2) digit day 01-31, and a four (4) digit year 2013.

  3. Be Aware: When you click on the Look Up button any entry error that you made in a field will result in an error message appearing telling you where your error occured. Correct the error and click the Look Up button again.

  4. When the Claims Status results page is displayed you will notice that under the Status heading the status indicators will be presented as blue underlined text. This indicates that you can click on this status to see a definition of what that status indicator means.

  5. If you see the Status as Returned to Provider you will also notice that there will be a heading that says Returned to Provider Reason(s) under which you will see the actual reason(s) that the claim was returned to the provider.

Go to Claims Status Lookup.