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Thank you for visiting the Sagamore web site. Sagamore Health Network is a rental network of providers accessed by insurance carriers, third party administrators (TPAs) and other claims payors. Many times, we are mistaken for the claims payor, i.e., insurance carrier or TPA.

For a list of the insurance carriers, third party administrators, affiliates and other third parties that access Sagamore Health Network, please call (800)-320-0015.

As you peruse this section, we highlight the administrative differences that are important to your staff since we are a network and not the payor. For example, we illustrate the claims payment process and the party responsible for each step within the process. These highlights are also reflected in the Sagamore PPO Provider manual.

It is Sagamore's goal to bring the managed health care environment to you as a provider in the most friendly manner possible. We believe that all parties (patient, provider, Sagamore and the payor) are accountable for assuring prompt payment for health care services.

We hope you find this information helpful. We value each and every provider that participates in our network.

How to join our network or submit changes.   

To find out how to send the Sagamore Route Code electronically click here.

For information regarding the contract source of the discount applied to claims you submit, please call (800)-320-0015.