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When you're deciding on health care options for your clients, you have many things to consider. You want a provider network that gives them excellent access…that’s growing to serve them even better. You want qualified providers, superior technology and a range of services that help them get the best value for their health care dollar.

You also want to work with individuals dedicated to excellence in customer service…with an experienced, dedicated staff… and local commitment across Indiana to help make sure their needs are met promptly and professionally.

For all these reasons and more, consider Sagamore Health Network, Inc., Indiana’s largest rental PPO network. We’re committed to Indiana. We work closely with local providers to provide our customers with a comprehensive and competitive network.

Sagamore partners with over 120 insurance carriers and third party administrators to choose from to provide you with the choices you deserve. We work with many of the health care industry's finest insurance brokers and consultants that can assist you with finding the right health plan for your budget and access needs.

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