Products / Services - PPO

The flexibility of Sagamore's PPO network enables the employer to retain existing relationships with their current Carrier or Third Party Administrator while utilizing an effective, long-term solution to healthcare. Sagamore's PPO network was established in 1985, and has grown to be one of Indiana's largest. Within this network, members have access to over 54,000 providers.

The most flexible managed care plan, a PPO generally allows members to self-refer to network specialists without affecting out-of-pocket expenses. Because members are not required to select one primary physician from whom to seek service, members have equal access to all network providers and may seek care from a network specialist without first obtaining a referral. Members are given the flexibility and freedom to manage their own care within the network.

Sagamore's PPO services include:

  • A Customer Service Department staffed with professionals dedicated to meeting Payor, Provider and Member assistance needs.
  • Negotiated discounts with over 290 network hospitals and over 54,000 network providers.
  • Provider educational in-services, conducted by Sagamore's Member and Provider Services staff on a routine basis.
  • Electronic claims submission capabilities. Full claims repricing services.